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Beginner Tips: What You Should Wear For Pickleball

Have you just taken up pickleball? Wondering what to wear for your first game?

You’re in the right place!

Although there isn’t a strict dress code, choosing the right clothing can help you up your game on the court.

Wearing the right pickleball outfit will allow you to move more freely, and it can give you a confidence boost, helping you to stand out.

Scroll down to find out what to wear for pickleball, whatever your skill level.

How To Choose The Right Pickleball Clothes

people on pickleball court

Although picking out the best pickleball clothes is important, it doesn’t have to be a tricky decision.

In fact, it’s super fun!

Your ideal outfit will depend on your fashion style and preferences.

That said, here are some things to keep in mind to make it easier for you.


Whether you play for fun or you take part in competitive tournaments and games, being able to move freely while playing pickleball is super important.

You need to be able to react quickly, so wearing anything tight or restrictive is a no-no.

Choosing clothes that you can move well in won’t just allow you to improve your skills but could also help prevent injuries.

Dress for the weather

Although pickleball can be played indoors, outdoor games are still more popular.

This means taking the weather into account is important when choosing an outfit.

If it’s sunny, you’ll need sun protection, but also layers if you’re playing later in the day.

If you’re playing in cold weather, wear layers that you can take off or put on without disturbing your play.

It’s also wise to wear clothing that’s fast-drying if you’ll be playing in hot weather.

Add some color

Although your pickleball attire should be functional, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.

Not only is pickleball growing rapidly in popularity, but it’s also very fashionable.

No matter your level, you can bring your own style to the pickleball courts!

If you love color, don’t be afraid to add some vibrant shades to your outfit.

Since pickleball is all about the fun, wear your brightest, flashiest clothing!

Pickleball Apparel

Now you’ve figured out what’s suitable on the pickleball court, here are some tips on what to wear.

The best pickleball outfit is one that makes you feel good, is easy to move in, and can be layered for convenience.

Ladies outfits

Female pickleball players can frequently be seen experimenting with different styles on the courts.

Ladies’ pickleball clothing comes in various styles and colors, but don’t feel you need to buy specialized pickleball attire, especially if you’re just starting.

All that matters is that your clothing is functional and works with you, not against you on the court.

Here are some essentials that women playing pickleball should have in their wardrobes.


Which tops you wear for pickleball depends on the weather and the climate in your area.

Make sure you choose one made from moisture-wicking fabric, as playing pickleball can make you sweat!

It also shouldn’t restrict you during a serve.

Pants and bottoms

When it comes to your lower half, you can wear the clothes you’d wear to an exercise group or the gym.

Yoga leggings are great for pickleball because they’re stretchy and giving, so you can move easily.

If the weather is hot, you could wear athletic shorts or a tennis dress or skirt.


Pickleball is a great form of cardio, and it involves lots of lateral movements, improving balance and muscle strength.

Because you’ll be moving around a lot, a good sports bra is essential.

Choose one that offers a high level of support for comfort and functionality.

Men’s outfits

For men playing pickleball, the same advice applies when choosing a suitable outfit.

Check out these pickleball essentials for men below.


When choosing what to wear for a game of pickleball, comfort is key.

Athletic t-shirts aren’t essential, but loose-fitting moisture-wicking fabrics are what you need to perform at your best.

Which top you choose is purely down to your preference.

These days you have a wide range of choices – short sleeve, long sleeve, or sleeveless tops.

Sweat pants and shorts

For legwear, your choice shouldn’t restrict your movement.

The last thing you want in pickleball is a pair of tight pants that you can’t even move in!

Shorts are a great option, but when it’s cold, some loose-fitting sweatpants will work well.

Although any pants or shorts will do, many brands are now offering proper pickleball shorts and other legwear that’s designed to keep up with you as you play.

Accessories and footwear

Now that you’ve got your outfit sorted don’t forget the important pickleball accessories! Here are a few things to add to your kit.

pickleball shoes

Choosing a suitable pair of shoes for pickleball is super important, especially if you’re playing on a hard court.

Wearing a good pair of shoes will provide optimum grip on both indoor and outdoor courts.

This will help prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself.

If you don’t want to splash out on specially designed pickleball shoes, regular tennis shoes are fine.

pickleball hats

If you live in an area that experiences lots of sun, a visor or hat will protect your eyes from the sun and stop you from getting sunburned.

Pickleball Clothing FAQs

Do pickleball players need to wear white?

No, there is no dress code for pickleball, so feel free to dress as colorful as you want!

Of course, if white is your favorite color, then go for it!

Can you wear jeans for pickleball?

In pickleball, you need to be able to move quickly in different directions.

Jeans tend to be tight-fitting and restrictive, so they aren’t a good choice.

What is the correct pickleball apparel?

There’s no “correct” attire for a pickleball game.

What’s important is that you’re comfortable and able to move without restriction.

What shoes should you wear for pickleball?

The ideal pair of shoes for pickleball should have a good grip and be comfortable to wear for the duration of the game.

Although you can buy specially designed pickleball footwear, any athletic shoes will work just fine.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still not sure what the best pickleball clothing is, it’s a good idea to visit a court near you.

You’re sure to find people playing at all levels.

Anyone can play pickleball; it’s for all ages and athletic abilities, so don’t let the popularity of it put you off joining in.

Pickleball is a great way to get fit, have fun, and make new friends!

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