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Beginner Tips: How Big Is A Pickleball Court? (Dimensions & Court Size)

Whether you’re looking to build yourself a pickleball court, or just curious about the size of one, we can help you figure out how big of a court pickleball is played on.

As you may know, when pickleball was first created and named, it was played on a badminton court.

And today, the size of a pickleball court is similar to a badminton court.

The standard size of a pickleball court is 20′ x 44′ for the dimensions.

Below we’ll go into more details on pickleball court size.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing pickleball outside or inside, the standard dimensions for the court remain the same. 

Overall, the size of a pickleball court is the same as for a badminton court at 20′ x 44′ in size.

This size is for both singles play and doubles play in pickleball.

One key difference between a pickleball court and a badminton court is that the net is lower on a pickleball court.

The net is lowered from the standard badminton height to 36″ on the ends and 34″ in the middle.

For someone who is building their own pickleball court, you’ll want a bit larger space so you can leave space outside the end and side lines for player movement during game play.

If space permits, then  a 30′ x 60′ space is the ideal size for your pickleball court. 

And if you don’t have that much room, then try for 24′ x 54′ to have that extra space for player movement.

pickleball court dimensions
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Similar to a tennis court, a pickleball court is striped with right and left service courts and a 7-foot non-volley zone in front of the net, which is referred to as the kitchen.

It’s also worth noting that official regulation size pickleball court dimensions are explicitly laid out in the USA Pickleball/IFP Official Rulebook.

2.A.1.  The court shall be a rectangle 20 feet (6.10 m) wide and 44 feet (13.41 m) long for both singles and doubles matches.

2.A.3.  A minimum playing surface area measuring 30 feet (9.14 m) wide and 60 feet (18.29 m) long is recommended. A 10-foot (3.05-m) surrounding margin with a larger size of 40 feet (12.19 m) by 64 feet (19.51 m) is preferred.

Can a pickleball court be smaller?

Yes, if you are short on space then you can try playing on a smaller court.

You can take a half size pickleball court anywhere you choose, as long as you have 10 feet in width.

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How Big Is A Pickleball Court Compared To A Tennis Court?

If you are relatively new to the sport of pickleball, then you may want to know how the court size compares to a tennis court.

As you might suspect, a tennis court is larger in size than a pickleball court.

Tennis courts measure in with dimensions of 60′ wide x 120′ long, which is quite a bit larger than a 20′ x 44′ pickleball court.

These dimensions are inclusive of game lines such as the no volley zone, out of bounds lines, and the net.

Can pickle ball be played on tennis court?

Yes, you can play pickleball on a tennis court.

In fact, plenty of places have actually converted tennis courts to pickleball courts.

To do this, they end up fitting a total of four standard pickleball courts on a single tennis court, as long a the corners of the tennis court are square and it is regulation size (60′ x 120′).

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